Campaign Languages

These are the languages of Firma.

  • Elyisian dialect – A small combination of most softer spoken languages, this is the most common language aside from Stone dialect. This is the starting language with most characters.
  • Island dialect – More of a romantic language because of how smooth it feels to slide words off your tongue. This language is majorly spoken through the Adrika Isle territories, amongst most island settlements. Rechna is believe to be the only settlement in the Adrika territory to have any one speak Elyisian,
  • Stone dialect – More of a harsh gritty language, Stone dialect is a combination of the more harsher spoken languages. This is primarely spoken with the Obsidian Empire’s territory.
  • Sylvan dialect – Another fluid language that spoken mostly by fey creatures, including gnomes, dryads, and the like.
  • Giant-kin Tongue – Another gritty languaged that help to support Stone dialect. This is spoken amongst most of the giant-kin including trolls and ogres. However, because most of these creatures are from all parts of the Firma, accents and slang may come out differently.
  • Bir Rath Tongue – A partial old tongue that is spoken by the dwarven slave race in the Obsidian territory. Somewhat common in the northern reaches of Elysia near Spinefalls from refugees. This language is almost considered dead.
  • Goblinoid Tongue – A crude smattering tongue spoken mostly by goblinoids. A very hard language to pick up considering many of the words resemble close to grunts and moans.
  • Lizardfolk Tongue – A slithery tongue that is mostly spoken between the Serpe and the Lacerta Tribes in the Adrika isles.
  • Frontier Tribe Lingo – A soft language spoken by most tribes of the Savage Frontier. Parts of this language also include some hand gesture and body language.

The following languages require DM-Permission to learn.

  • Traditional Elysian Dialect – An ancient tongue that was spoken by the early Elyisians before their disappearance into history.
  • Draconic Speak – An ancient language that is spoken amongst dragon-kin. This language is commonly used as the verbal component for casting arcane spells.
  • Serephic Speak – An ancient language that is said to be spoken by beings beyond the natural world. This language is commonly used as the verbal components for casting divine spells.
  • Druidic – A hidden language amongst druidic tribes.
  • Sign Language – A silent language based on hand gestures and body movement. This language is mainly used by both covert military groups and the mute.
  • Dark Speech – A blasphmase harsh language that when spoken, makes others filled with vile and dread. Without practice and rituals, the normal mortal throat cannot be capable of speaking it. This language is commonly used as the verbal component for casting evil and negative energy spells, rites and rituals.

Campaign Languages

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